Publishing with Clarus Press

In this page you can find a downloadable proposal form, the Clarus Press style guide, information on the publishing process and reasons to publish with Clarus Press.

As Ireland’s latest addition to legal publishing, we are looking for authors, editors and contributors for a variety of publications. We are also keen to hear your ideas and concepts on publications and would like to know if you are interested in writing for us. Since incorporation, we have managed to attract some of Ireland’s leading legal and academic authorities to write and contribute to our products (see our product list).

A brief view of the publishing process

  • Contact Clarus Press to discuss your publishing concept/proposal;
  • Submit proposal form with detailed table of contents and a sample chapter;
  • Concept assessment by Clarus Press;
  • Sample content evaluation.

If Clarus Press decides to move forward with the concept/proposal, then normally the following events occur:

  • Publishing contract offer;
  • Agreed date on manuscript delivery.

On receipt of the manuscript at agreed date, the editorial and production stages are normally as follows:

  • Experienced Legal Editor assigned to manage the work;
  • Editorial process begins. This includes copyediting the manuscript, hence, the editor will check the manuscript for spelling, punctuation, grammar, clarity, consistency, etc… and will feedback any queries to the author;
  • The work will be professionally typeset;
  • Depending on the nature of the work, for example, if it is paragraph numbered, the work maybe tabled and indexed at this stage;
  • Page proof stage: the author will have the opportunity to check the typeset proofs of the work. It is envisaged at this stage that all major corrections will already have been taken in (after the copyediting stage) therefore a check on running heads, references, tables and final queries is normally all that is required
  • Final corrections will be “taken in” and updated on the typeset proof;
  • Files sent to press.

During the process, the publisher will employ a designer to start working on the cover design and work will have commenced on marketing the work to its envisaged target audience.