75 Years of the Constitution of Ireland: An Irish-Italian Dialogue


A unique work which explores several core themes relating to the evolution and the achievements of the Constitution of Ireland


Editors: Giuseppe Franco Ferrari and  John O’Dowd | ISBN (PB):  978-1-905536-66-5 |
Format and Price: Paperback  €55  | Publication Date:  Spring 2014


75 years of the Constitution of Ireland: An Irish-Italian Dialogue is a unique work which explores several core themes relating to the evolution and the achievements of the Constitution of Ireland of 1937.

A distinctive feature of this book is the comparative approach taken by several leading Italian scholars of constitutional and administrative law to different aspects of the Irish Constitution, examining the nature and implementation of the relevant constitutional provisions and comparing them with the experiences of other European States. Irish constitutional scholars continue this dialogue in a work which covers all the most important areas of public law including civil liberties, the form of government, public administration and constitutional principles.

75 years of the Constitution of Ireland: An Irish-Italian Dialogue is the product of an international workshop held in Dublin 2011 organised by the Italian Embassy with the support of UniCredit Bank. The book is a celebration of the 75th Anniversary of the Irish Constitution.

About the Editors

Giuseppe Franco Ferrari

Giuseppe Franco Ferrari has been professor of comparative public law at Bocconi University Milan since 1999. Previously professor at Teramo (1986-1989) and Pavia (1989-1999) and associate professor in the Catholic University of Milan (1983-1986). Member of the editorial boards of Giurisprudenza costituzionale and Diritto costituzionale. Editor of the journal Diritto pubblico comparato ed europeo since 1999 and president of the Association of comparative and European public law since 1998.


John O’Dowd, University College Dublin

John O’Dowd has been a lecturer in the Faculty (and subsequently the School) of Law at UCD since 1991, where he has taught courses in Constitutional Law, Administrative Law, Media Law and the Law of the European Convention on Human Rights. He has published extensively on constitutional issues, including several book chapters and articles in journals including the European Review of Public Law, the Journal of Media Law and The Irish Jurist.

Contents include

Part I: The Mechanism of Judicial Review

Chapter 1

Constitutional Rights in Ireland between Domestic and Supranational Courts

Giuseppe Franco Ferrari

Chapter 2

Irish Judicial Review of Legislation: A Comparative Perspective

Paolo Passaglia

Chapter 3

Constitutional Interpretation in Ireland

Elisabetta Pulice


Chapter 4

Evaluating the Judicial Role in Developing the Irish Constitution

Eoin Carolan


Chapter 5

Administrative Law in Ireland: Legitimacy of Administration under the Evolving Influence of Constitutional Law

Mario Comba


Chapter 6

Rights and Freedoms in the Domestic Context – Fair Procedures in Difficult Times

Dr Ailbhe O’Neill


Part II: Elements of the Constitutional Design

Chapter 7

The Irish Constitutional Preamble in a Comparative Perspective

Angelo Rinella


Chapter 8

The Dialogue among Constitutional Judges, Parliaments and Executives

Nino Olivetti Rason and Pier Luigi Petrillo


Chapter 9

Ireland, Europe, and the Partial Eclipse of Constitutional Authority

Dr Maria Cahill


Chapter 10

The Irish Form of Government: A Merely Apparent Semi- Presidentialism

Luca Mezzetti


Chapter 11

The 2013 Irish Constitutional Convention: A Bold Step or a Damp Squib?

David M Farrell


Chapter 12

Different Perspectives on 75 Years of Irish Constitutionalism: Constitutional and Administrative Law Explored Through Irish– Italian Dialogue

John O’Dowd


Who Should Buy This Book?


This book will be of great interest to all legal academics interested in constitutional and public law as well as legal practitioners, students of constitutional law, specialist legal libraries, comparative legal interest specialists and anyone with an interest in Irish Constitutional law.



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