Defamation: Law and Practice, Second Edition


The definitive and leading work on defamation law in Ireland.


Authors: Neville Cox and Eoin McCullough | ISBN: 9781911611615 | Format: Hard Back | Price:  €249 | Published: 11 February 2022


Defamation: Law and Practice, Second Edition, provides an in-depth analysis and comprehensive coverage of defamation law in Ireland including coverage of substantive and procedural law. This second edition is fully revised, expanded and updated to include all recent developments in Irish defamation law. It contains analysis of all the elements of the tort of defamation, defences to a defamation action, damages and other reliefs, the application of human rights law in the context of defamation, the application of practice and procedure rules in defamation cases and a body of useful precedents.

This new edition includes:

  • An in-depth analysis of the important recent developments in relation to damages in defamation cases both in the Irish courts and the European Court of Human Rights including the Supreme Court decision in McDonagh v Sunday Newspapers Ltd and the ECHR decision in Independent Newspapers (Ireland) Ltd v Ireland;
  • An examination of the statutory ‘offer to make amends’ defence and the approach and role of both the judge and jury including the Supreme Court decision in Higgins v Irish Aviation Authority ;
  • An examination of the application of defamation actions in relation to social media publications and other forms of internet communications;
  •  An exploration of possible reforms of Irish defamation law, the pitfalls and challenges that lay ahead.

Defamation: Law and Practice , Second Edition provides an in-depth analysis and comprehensive coverage of defamation law in Ireland including substantive and procedural law and is Ireland’s leading text on defamation law having been cited several judgments in the superior courts in Ireland.



Contents Include

Chapter 1: Introduction to Irish Defamation Law

Part I: The Elements of the Tort of Defamation

Chapter 2: Publication

Chapter 3: Meaning

Chapter 4: Identification

Part II: Defences in a Defamation Case

Chapter 5: Truth

Chapter 6: Honest Opinion

Chapter 7: Absolute Privilege

Chapter 8: Qualified Privilege

Chapter 9: Defences for Public Interest Publications

Chapter 10: Miscellaneous Defences

Part III: Available Reliefs

Chapter 11. Damages

Chapter 12: Alternative Forms of Relief

Part IV: Practice and Procedure

Chapter 13. Practice and Procedure

Appendix: Precedents


Who Should Buy This Book?

Defamation: Law & Practice, Second Edition is a definitive and leading work on defamation law in Ireland and is utilised by leading legal professionals working within this practice area.

About the Authors

Dr Neville Cox LL.B., Ph.D., F.T.C.D. is the Dean of Graduate Studies at Trinity College Dublin and is a practising barrister and is author of several publications.

Eoin McCullough SC has practised extensively in defamation and related areas.


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