A Guide to Mooting in Ireland

A Guide to Mooting in Ireland


A user-friendly handbook on mooting specifically tailored for those involved in mooting in Ireland.


Author:  Dr Edana Richardson | ISBN: 978-1-911611-18-9  | Series: The Legal Skills Series | Format: Paperback | Extent: Approx 250 pages |  Price: €35 | Publishing:  18th January 2019


A Guide to Mooting in Ireland provides a user-friendly handbook on mooting that is specifically tailored for those involved in mooting in Ireland. Mooting can help to build important skills in research, drafting and the construction of persuasive arguments that are relevant both to academic study and professional life, within and outside of law. This book uses worked examples and practical tips to help to build those skills by examining in detail each stage of a moot. It addresses techniques for understanding a mooting problem question, how to structure and enhance written and oral submissions and what to expect in a moot court scenario. It also discusses the organisation of mooting modules and competitions. In this way, the chapters of A Guide to Mooting in Ireland can be read sequentially or referred to individually where specific guidance is needed.

Contents include

Chapter 1: Introduction to Mooting

Introduction to A Guide to Mooting in Ireland

What is mooting?

Why moot?

Mooting  in Ireland

Structure of a moot

Outline steps of a moot

How to attend an appeals case in Ireland

The mooting problem question

Chapter 2: Relevant Aspects of the Irish Legal System

Sources of Irish law

Arguments based on public policy or arguments to change the law

Hierarchy of courts in Ireland, England and Wales, Australia and the United States of America

Chapter 3: Legal Research for a Moot

Legal Research

Finding authorities

Reading authorities

Choosing authorities

Chapter 4: Written Submissions


List of authorities

Following exchange of written submissions

Template written submissions

Legal writing skills for a moot

Chapter 5: Oral Submissions Preparation

Spoken conventions to be used throughout your oral submissions

Structure of your oral submissions


Template: oral submissions

Chapter 6: Oral Submissions: In the Moot Court

Judicial interventions

Speaking techniques

Controlling your nerves

What to do if something goes wrong?

The day of the moot

Chapter 7: Organising a Moot

Before the moot

The day of the moot

After the moot


Chapter 8: Sample Mooting Problem Questions

Irish law-specific mooting problem questions

About the Author

Dr Edana Richardson is a lecturer in law at Maynooth University



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