Farming and the Law


An essential and accessible legal guide designed specifically for all those involved with farming in Ireland



Author: Karen Walsh  | ISBN: 978-1-905536-86-3   | Format and Price: Paperback €35 | Publication Date:  22 September 2016 



Farming and the Law is the first publication in Ireland, in over a decade, dealing specifically with legal issues that arise in farming. It offers a comprehensive overview of the legal issues of which farmers should be aware, in an increasingly complex and regulated environment. This book serves to demystify and decipher the often-incomprehensible jargon associated with the law as it relates to farming.

Irish farming has changed significantly over the years, and it continues to evolve. In a short space of time, it has become more bureaucratic and regulated. Specialist knowledge is required to fully appreciate the problems that farmers face today, as many decisions carry legal, tax and practical implications. Farmers and landowners who keep abreast of current laws and regulations will be empowered to make better decisions for their farming business.

This book is designed to be accessible to the layperson, including farmers, members of the public, and anyone interested in the law in relation to farming, as well as providing an invaluable reference for legal practitioners advising clients in this particular area of law.

Content includes

  1. Property Law
  2. Defending your Dwelling
  3. Occupier’s Liability
  4. Transferring the Family Farm
  5. Wills, Administering an Estate and Enduring Powers of Attorney
  6. Leasing Agricultural Land
  7. Solar Farms and Wind Farms
  8. Animals
  9. The Law on Shrubs, Trees, Hedges and Public Roads
  10. Collaborative Farming
  11. Family Law and the Farm
  12. Planning Law
  13. Employment Law
  14. Farm Safety

Who Should Buy This Book?

This book is essential for all farmers, persons working in or around farms, farming agencies and support organisations, solicitors, barristers, and anyone interested in the legal issues that affect farming generally.


About the Author

Karen Walsh is a solicitor and principal of Walsh & Partners Solicitors, who are based in Dublin and Cork. Karen comes from a dairy farming background and has hands-on experience of rural agricultural matters.



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