Questions & Answers on Irish Company Law

Questions & Answers on Irish Company Law



Author: Noel McGrath and Cian Murphy | ISBN:978-1-905536-15-3 | Format: Paper Back | Price: €22 | Publication Date: 28 April 2008


Questions & Answers on Irish Company Law is the first law revision book in Ireland to fully equip students with the advice and information they require to achieve the best results in company law examinations.

This book is designed to be used as a revision tool for students to improve their exam techniques, to become familiar with exam style questions, how they should be answered and ultimately, to achieve top marks in your company law exams. Questions and Anwers on Irish Company Law Includes:

  • Each Question includes:
    • Sample Examination Questions
    • Complete Sample Answers
    • Answer Overview
    • Draft Outline
  • Covers the central themes of company law from incorporation through to winding-up
  • Reflects the core syllabus of most company lawcourses taught in Ireland, including undergraduate and professional courses
  • Format of questions include essay, problem and “write a note on…” questions
  • Special introductory chapter offer key tips for examination success.

About the Author

Noel McGrath BCL (NUI) has tutored and lecutred in land and company law at the UCD School of Law.

Cian Murphy BCL (NUI) LL.M (Lond.) is a visiting tutor at King’s College London.

Contents include

Table of Abbreviations
Table of Cases
Table of Legislation
Chapter 1: Answering Questions on Company Law
Chapter 2: Incorporation of the Company
Chapter 3: Separate Legal Personality
Chapter 4: Corporate Contracts: Capacity and
Chapter 5: Directors — Powers and Responsibilities
Chapter 6: Members and Shares
Chapter 7: Shareholders’ Remedies
Chapter 8: Corporate Finance
Chapter 9: Examiners and Inspectors
Chapter 10: Liquidation and Winding-up
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