Tort Law in Ireland

Tort Law in Ireland


Essential reading  for all students studying tort in Ireland.


Author:  John Tully | ISBN: 978-1-905536-69-6 | Series: The Core Text Series | Format: Paperback | Approx 400 pages |  Price: €49 | Published: 17 October 2014


Tort Law in Ireland,  part of the Core Text Series, is a new book which covers the essential principles of tort law in a clear and succinct style, making it an ideal introduction to the law of tort for undergraduate students.

Tort Law in Ireland is fully up-to-date to reflect recent developments in the law, including consideration of new cases on privacy, economic loss, vicarious liability, standard of care, occupiers’ liability and more.

This book introduces the central principles and themes of tort law, providing a clear and concise exposition of the law in an easy-to-use format. The use of diagrams, tables, flow-charts and summaries reinforce the information and provide quick visual cues for the understanding of key points contained in the text. Each chapter also examines key legal principles and, using decided cases, places each area of law into context.

Tort Law in Ireland is an excellent introduction to this key area of undergraduate study, and can also be used as an ongoing revision and reference source to provide extra support to students throughout their studies.


About the Author

John Tully, LLB, LLM, PGCE (Lond), Barrister (Middle Temple), Programme Director for the LLB programme at the Institute of Technology, Carlow.

Who Should Buy this Book?

Tort is a core subject for every undergraduate law programme in Ireland, therefore this is essential reading for undergraduates studying Tort.  Postgraduates students, students on vocational programmes, public servants, employers and anyone interested in the law of tort will find this book both useful and accessible.

Contents include

  • The Nature and Functions of Tort Law
  • Negligence: Duty of Care
  • Economic Loss
  • Psychiatric Injury
  • Breach of Duty: The Standard of Care
  • Causation in Fact
  • Causation in Law
  • Employers’ Liability and Vicarious Liability
  • Liability for Defective Products
  • Trespass to Land
  • Intentional Interference with the Person
  • Trespass to Goods
  • Nuisance
  • The Rule in Rylands v Fletcher
  • Occupiers’ Liability
  • Defamation
  • Privacy
  • Defences and Limitation
  • Remedies and Principles of Compensation



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