Veterinary Law and Practice in Ireland

A dedicated book which  brings together the tenets of national and international law and its application to the delivery of veterinary services in a seamless manner.


Authors: : Finola Colgan Carey and Lisa Geraghty | ISBN:  978-1-911611-35-6 | Format: Paperback | Price: € | Publishing:  Autumn 2021


Veterinary Law and Practice in Ireland is the first book to deal with the practical and legal issues that confront the veterinary profession. The authors give their professional and practical perspectives from their respective legal and veterinary disciplines.

This book examine current legislation and case law and how it reflects on veterinary practice and its operation. Legal issues such as employment law, contract law, professional negligence and duty of care are examined. Animal health, welfare practice, ethical considerations, adherence to good governance and mental health and well-being issues are all given consideration.

Veterinary Law and Practice in Ireland is an all-encompassing reference book for all persons in the veterinary profession including veterinary practitioners, veterinary medicine, veterinary nursing students and all para-professionals engaged in veterinary work.

Content Includes

Part I The Application of Law in Ireland

Chapter 1: An Introduction to the Irish and European Legal Systems

Chapter 2: The Relationship between Ethics and Veterinary Practice

Part II Regulation of the Profession

Chapter 3: The Veterinary Practice Act 2005 (as amended) and The Veterinary Council of Ireland

Chapter 4: Legal Standards in Veterinary Practice

Chapter 5: Ethical Standards in Veterinary Practice and the Codes of Professional Conduct for Veterinary Practitioners

Chapter 6: Fitness to Practise Procedures of the Veterinary Council of Ireland

Part III Public Health and the Role of the Veterinary Profession in Society          

Chapter 7 : The Role of the Veterinary Profession in Food Safety

Chapter 8: The Role of the Veterinary Profession in Animal Welfare

Chapter 9: Contract Law and Veterinary Practice

Chapter 10 Professional Liability

Chapter 11: Data Protection  and Social Media Platforms

Chapter 12: Freedom of Information Act

Chapter 13: The Veterinary Practitioner as an Expert Witness

Part V Employment Law Rights and Obligations     

Chapter 14: The Employment Relationship

Chapter 15: Restrictive Covenants in Veterinary Practice

Chapter 16: Workplace Procedures and Policies and the use of Mediation in Conflict Resolution

Chapter 17: Safety Health and Welfare at Work Act 2005

Chapter 18: The Organisation of Working Time Act 1997 and Veterinary Practice

Chapter 19: Rights and Obligation of Pregnant Workers and Parental Leave Entitlements

Chapter 20: Self Care and Well-being


About the Authors

Finola Colgan Carey is a lecturer in Athlone Institute of Technology  and holds the following qualifications, B.A. LL.B. LL.M (Health Law), Higher Diploma in Education, Diploma in Project Management and Certificate in Train the Trainee.

Dr Lisa Geraghty MVB, MSc., BA (hons.) Law, A.M is a veterinary practitioner who lectures in Athlone Institute of Technology and consults on employment law compliance and workplace dispute resolution in veterinary practice.


Who Should Buy This Book?

This book is an essential tool for all veterinarians and persons involved with or interested in veterinary practice, including members of the veterinary profession, veterinary students, veterinary nurses and others who have an ancillary interest in the law and practice of veterinary medicine.

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