Criminal Law in Ireland: Cases and Commentary

Criminal Law in Ireland: Cases and Commentary

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A criminal law tome that every lawyer and law student needs on their desk!



Author: Dr Liz Campbell, Dr Shane Kilcommins & Dr Catherine O’Sullivan| ISBN: 978-1-905536-25-2 | Format: Paper Back | Pages: approx 1200 (including prelims and index) | Price: €99 | Published: March 2010

Note: A new edition of this work was published in Jan 2021. Click here for further details on the  Second Edition



Criminal Law in Ireland: Cases and Commentary is a new book from Clarus Press designed to help law students to understand the fundamental rules, principles and policy considerations that govern the criminal law in Ireland. It attempts to address a comprehensive range of issues including, the definition of a crime, its various classifications, the imposition of liability, the range of substantive criminal law offences, the procedural rules that shape the pre-trial and trial processes and the possible defences that may arise.

It provides students with a broad range of perspectives including formal case law, statutory and constitutional provisions, academic commentaries and Law Reform Commission policy recommendations. It combines domestic law with ECHR jurisprudence and persuasive authorities from other jurisdictions. Through a careful combination of the criminal rules along with excerpts from cases, articles, notes and texts, this book seeks to inform the user of the formal criminal law and provide a gateway to some of the more conceptual debates in the subject area.

The primary purpose of the book is to broaden the reading horizons of law students. It seeks not only to trace the lines of development of the various rules emanating from the courts and the legislature, but also to provide an entry point for broader discursive analysis of the workings of those rules, the ideological currents running through them and the policy implications for choosing one rule over another.

About the Authors

Dr Liz Campbell is a lecturer in law at the University of Aberdeen, Scotland, where she teaches criminal law, evidence, and criminology. She is a graduate of University College Cork (BCL 2003; LLM 2004; PhD 2007). She publishes widely in the area of criminal justice, in journals such as Legal Studies, the International Journal of Evidence and Proof, International Commentary on Evidence, the Northern Ireland Legal Quarterly and the Irish Criminal Law Journal.

Dr Shane Kilcommins is a senior lecturer in law at University College Cork where he teaches evidence, criminology, penology and jurisprudence. He is also co-director of the Centre for Criminal Justice and Human Rights at the Faculty of Law, UCC.  His recent publications include Crime, Punishment and the Search for Order in Ireland (IPA: 2004) and Terrorism, Rights and the Rule of Law: Negotiating Justice in Ireland (Willan: 2008). He also acts as an examiner for the Law Society of Ireland in criminal law.

Dr Catherine O’Sullivan, B.C.L., LL.M. (N.U.I.), is a lecturer in law and Criminology at the University College Cork. Dr O’Sullivan has published widely in the area of crime and criminology in journals including the N.I.L.Q., I.C.L.J.

Contents include:

Part 1: Principles of Criminal Law
Chapter 1: The Definition of a Crime
Chapter 2: The Classification of Crime
Chapter 3: Actus Reus
Chapter 4: Mens Rea
Chapter 5: The Inchoate Offence of Incitement
Chapter 6: The Inchoate Offence of Conspiracy
Chapter 7: The Inchoate Offence of Attempt
Chapter 8: Criminal Participation

Part 2: Criminal Procedure
Chapter 9: The Presumption of Innocence
Chapter 10: Powers of Arrest
Chapter 11: Powers of Detention
Chapter 12: The Right to Silence
Chapter 13: The Courts of Criminal Jurisdiction
Chapter 14: Bail

Part 3: Criminal Law Offences
Chapter 15: Homicide
Chapter 16: Sexual Offences
Chapter 17: Assault, Abduction, False Imprisonment
Chapter 18: Offences Against Property
Chapter 19: Offences of a Public Nature
Chapter 20: Offences Against the Administration of Justice

Part 4: Defences
Chapter 21: Defences: A Theoretical Guide
Chapter 22: General Defences
Chapter 23: Capacity Defences
Chapter  24: Defences Specific to a Murder


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