Data Protection Law in Ireland: Sources and Issues

Data Protection Law in Ireland: Sources and Issues

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Data Protection Law in Ireland: Sources and Issues is the most recent and up-to-date book on data protection in Ireland.


Author: Paul Lambert | ISBN: 978-1-905536-53-5 | Format: Paper Back 246 x 156  | Publication Date: April 2013 | Extent:  514 pages + prelims


Data Protection Law in Ireland: Sources and Issues is the most recent and up-to-date book on data protection in Ireland. This book is a comprehensive guide as to what data protection is and the implications and obligations for holders and subjects  of such data. It covers the many changes that have occurred in data protection law in recent times including developments in areas such as ‘social networking’ and the implications of technologies such as ‘cookies’.

The data protection regime applies internally to organisations, their employees, agents, contractors, etc. It also applies when an organisation has a focus outward at customer, potential customers and users. Both ‘inward’ and ‘outward’ data protection issues are examined.

Particular consideration is given to security, data loss, data breach and penalties. The book also provides the first reference in Ireland to the many sources of data protection law, essential for keeping abreast of data protection issues.

The draft EU Data Protection Regulation will bring large changes to the data protection regime. These are referred to in detail.

The recent changes to the data protection regime suggested by Leveson in the UK are also considered.

About the Author

Paul Lambert is Solicitor at Merrion Legal, Lecturer at NUIG, PhD candidate at TCD and author of UK texts on Data Protection Law.

Additional Resources

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Contents include:

Part 1: Data Protection

1. Data Protection

2.What are the Definitions of Data Protection?

3. Evolution of Data Protection

4. Data Protection Principles

5. Legitimate Processing Conditions

6. Prior Information Conditions

7. Exemptions

8. Individual Data Subject Rights

9. Notification and Registration

10. Time Limits for Compliance

11. Enforcement & Penalties for Non-Compliance

12. Security of Personal Data

13. Outsourcing and Data Processors

14. Other Data Protection Issues

Part 2: Inward-Facing Organisational DP Obligations

15. Processing Employee Personal Data

16. Employee Personal Data Rights

17. Employee Considerations

18. Employee Monitoring Issues

Part 3: Outward-Facing Organisational DP Obligations

19. Outward Facing Issues

20. Cookies and Electronic Communications

21. Enforcement Powers

22. Trans Border Data Flows/Transfers of Personal Data

23. ePrivacy

24. Spam

Part 4: Updating the Data Protection Regime

25. The New EU Regime


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