Editors: Lóránt Csink, Balázs Schanda, András Zs.Varga | Format: Hard Back & eBook | ISBN: (Hardback Book: 978-1-905536-45-0) (eBook: 978-1-905536-46-7) | Publication Status: Available

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Many changes involving the Hungarian legal system have occurred—the most apparent being the new Basic Law.

The constitutional framework of Hungary has become an important and  topical issue  throughout Europe and the European Union. Several institutional solutions of the new constitution have been debated by international organisations and although such interest from foreign jurisdictions in a national constitution is unusual the  new Basic Law of Hungary does provide for some unusual solutions in its own right.

This book attempts to give a general overview on the state of Hungarian constitutional law with special regard to the Basic Law

This book  will be useful for theorists both abroad and in Hungary, and for everybody seeking information on Hungarian constitutionalism.


Zsolt Balogh, László Christián, Ákos Cserny, Lóránt Csink, Johanna Fröhlich, Balázs Szabolcs Gerencsér, Barnabás Hajas, Zsolt Halász, Ferenc Horkay Hörcher, András Jakab, Norbert Kis, Miklós Molnár, Endre Orbán, András Patyi, Balázs Schanda, Péter Smuk, László Trócsányi, András Zs. Varga

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1. The Creation of the Basic Law of Hungary
2. The National Avowal
3. Constituent and Constitutional Entities
4. Sources of Law
5. Rights and Freedoms
6. The Parliament
7. The President of the Republic
8. The Government and Public Administration
9. The Constitutional Court
10. The Courts and the Judiciary
11. Prosecution Service
12. The Commissioner for Fundamental Rights
13. Local Government
14. Law Enforcement
15. Defence Administration
16. Special Legal Orders
17. Public Finances


Remarks on the English Translation of the Basic Law

Basic Law of Hungary