Trade Marks Law, Second Edition

Trade Marks Law, Second Edition


The definitive work on trade marks law in Ireland.


Author: Glen Gibbons | ISBN: 978-1-905536-80-1   | Format and Price: Hardback €149| Publication Date:  12 January 2016

“…the author has taken the opportunity to set out in a clear, concise, yet comprehensive way this often complex area of law.” 


Mr Justice Frank Clarke (Supreme Court, Foreword to 1st edition)


Trade Marks Law (2nd ed) by Glen Gibbons BL, provides a comprehensive examination of Irish trade marks law including analysis of all significant Superior Court and Patents Office jurisprudence. Principal case law from the UK, Court of Justice and General Court are also included in this leading text book.

Trade Marks Law (2nd ed) is fully updated and includes:

  • A new chapter on practice and procedure;
  • A specific chapter dealing with defences to trade mark infringement and passing off;
  • An analysis of proposed reforms under the revised Harmonisation Directive and Regulation;
  • Expanded chapter on passing off with analysis of recent case law concerning extended passing off, personality rights and the geographical extent of goodwill;
  • Comprehensive analysis of Patents Office decisions under the Trade Marks Act 1996;
  • Recent developments in comparative advertising.


Content includes

Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: International Developments

Chapter 3: Passing Off and Ancillary Torts

Chapter 4: Trade Mark Registration

Chapter 5: Absolute Grounds for Refusal of Trade Mark Registration

Chapter 6: Relative Grounds for Refusal of Trade Mark Registration

Chapter 7: Infringement

Chapter 8: Defences

Chapter 9: Remedies and Criminal Sanctions

Chapter 10: Surrender, Revocation and Invalidity

Chapter 11: Practice and Procedure

Appendix I: Consolidated Trade Marks Act 1996

Appendix II: Consolidated Trade Marks Rules 1996

Who Should Buy This Book?

Trade Marks Law (2nd ed)  is a must for all intellectual property lawyers in Ireland and especially trade mark agents. Barristers and solicitors who specialise in commercial law will also have a keen interest  in this title as well as ‘in-house lawyers’ working in SMEs and large corporations.


About the Author

Glen Gibbons is a barrister with extensive experience of IP litigation in Ireland.



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