Law and Practice: Essays on Reform

Law and Practice: Essays on Reform


Thirty-four award winning essays.


Editors: Geoffrey Shannon and Eoin O’Dell | ISBN: | Format: Paper Back | Price: €85 | Publication Date: 24 September 2008


Law and Practice: Essays on Reform is a new publication from the Law Society of Ireland and Clarus Press and edited by two of Ireland’s leading legal minds and commentators, Geoffrey Shannon and Eoin O’Dell.

Thirty-four award winning essays, spanning the last five years are presented, for the first time, in this publication. Each essay critically examines a specific area of law, details the law as it stands today, questions its purpose and effectiveness and then examines proposal for change and recommendations for reform.

Spanning an array of legal subject areas, each piece is extensively researched and referenced. Law and Practice: Essays on Reform will undoubtedly add to the debate and literature available to Irish legal thinking.

Contents include

  • Reforming the law on Double Jeopardy by Gerard Coffey
  • The origins and evolution of the Special Criminal Court by Julie Anne Sweeny
  • The Presumption of Advancement and Unlawful Fraudulent Conduct by Laura McGowan
  • Garda diversion of young offenders: an unreasonable threat to due process rights? by Elizabeth Campbell
  • Constitutional right or chimera? Reforming the right of access to a lawyer by Elizabeth Campbell
  • “Man, I feel like a woman!” A proposal for the legal recognition of transsexualism in Ireland by Maebh Harding and Mark Murphy
  • Cyber Certainty Definite Legal Rights in the Digital Domain by Mark Browne
  • A glitch on the path towards Nova Hibernia The case for partial reform of Ireland’s non-life insurance legislation by Max Barrett
  • The Law of Nullity – current defects and suggested reforms by Muireann McEnery
  • No Talismanic Incantation: “Subject to contract” in Irish Law by Neil Maddox and Martin Canny
  • The Guys from Out of Town: Expert Witnesses – A Law Reform Proposal by Níamh Howlin
  • Gender and the formation of a marriage: Tying the knot, or tied up in knots? Paul Hutchinson
  • The Road Not Taken by Ray Ryan and Des Ryan
  • The exception (Im)proves the rule: reforming the Irish law of hearsay by Ray Ryan and Des Ryan
  • Privity of Contract and Third Party Rights: An Unnecessary and Complex Anomaly in Need of Reform by Ronan MacSweeney
  • Online Education and Copyright Law byThomas Mohr
  • Recording and Representation: The Interrogation of Suspects in the Irish Pre-Trial Process by Yvonne Marie Daly


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