Cassidy on the Licensing Acts, 3rd ed

Cassidy on the Licensing Acts, 3rd ed


The definitive guide on licensing law in Ireland.


Author: Constance Cassidy SC: | ISBN: 978-1- 905536-33-7 | Format: Hard Back
Price: Was €325 Now €199 | Publication Date: July 2010


Cassidy on the Licensing Acts, 3rd edition, is recognised by legal professionals as the definitive guide on licensing law in Ireland. It gives a comprehensive review of the entire code and brings the practitioner completely up-to-date with all the significant developments in licensing law.

The 3rd edition includes:

  1. Up-to-date consolidated licensing legislation from 1833-2010
  2. Detailed table of offences affecting
    • pubs, hotels, restaurants and off-licences
    • registered clubs
    • places of public entertainment

with particular reference to appropriate penalties.

Cassidy on the Licensing Acts, 3rd edition,  is a complete overhaul of the entire original text. This work focuses on drugs and criminal legislation and includes the wide range of changes introduced by the Intoxicating Liquor Act 2008.

New chapters deal with

  1. Police Powers
  2. Under-Age
  3. Concerts and Festivals
  4. Closure Orders
  5.  Late Licences

This work also examines:

  • Sale of alcohol on Good Friday
  • New voluntary code of practice for off-licensees
  • Practice direction affecting late licences
  • New trading hours for off-licences
  • New court procedure for wine off-licence
  • New trading hours for theatres
  • New conditions for special exemption orders
  • Imposition of mandatory closure periods for certain first licensing offences
  • Structural restrictions on sale and display of alcohol for supermarkets and convenience stores
  • 2010 legisaltion affecting the National Conference Centre

With foreword by Donal Barrington, Former Judge of the Supreme Court

From the 1st and 2nd Editions

“This publication brings to us the complex and extensive law on the licensing acts in a comprehensive fashion. Ms Cassidy has successfully created a learned publication which makes the licensing laws easily accessible. It is a task for which she deserves all our gratitude and congratulations.”

Susan G. Denham, The Supreme Court, Foreword to 2nd Edition

“Without question, this book is already the authentic textbook to which the current legal profession and the future students of the law will refer”

Thomas D. Shaw, past President of the Law Society of Ireland

About the Author

Constance Cassidy is the leading legal expert on licensing law in Ireland and author of several books on the same subject.


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